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Last updated: January 08 2020

When you complete your purchase, you, the buyer, are claiming that you have read, accepted, and fully understand the terms of this agreement, including the “no refunds” policy on all one-time purchases or recurring purchases on digitally delivered products or services, with no exceptions. All payments in Sticky Likes are handled by Sticky Likes LLC.

This agreement is a contract between you (the “Buyer”) and Sticky Likes. (the “Seller”).
Under the terms of the contract, you receive certain rights due you from the seller and you, in turn, give the seller certain rights that affect you. This contract also contains provisions that delineate and restrict your rights about refund and warranty and that limit the liability of the seller. You must accept these terms, or the seller will not transact business with you or sell a product, service or membership to you, and your order will not be processed if you do not accept these terms. Your pledge of an understanding of this contract and acceptance of the rights, duties, and limitations embodied in it, is a material part of the legal consideration that the seller requires from you as a condition of sale.

The subject matter of this agreement is the product, service, or membership described on this website and its contents are incorporated herein by reference and made a part hereof and constitute a complete description of the product, service or membership that is the subject matter of this Purchase Agreement. This bundle of offerings, including additional items promoted on the order page, shall, together, be termed ‘product’ throughout this agreement but the word ‘product’ shall mean all elements offered in the sale, whether digital, dimensional, or other license or right, and include all sales or promotional materials.

Governing bodies often have regulations and financial sanctions in place that prohibit transactions with certain high-risk countries. In most cases, the processing bank will decline transactions that originate from these countries. As a result, Sticky Likes LLC does not do business or allow Customers/Affiliates from the following countries:

Bosnia & Hercegovina, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, Kosovo, Serbia, Belarus, Burma, Cote d’Ivoire, Cuba, Democratic Republic of Congo, Iran, Iraq, Liberia, North Korea, Sudan, Syria & Zimbabwe.

Be sure to check government sites, such as the Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) Resources page, for the most up-to-date information.

This product is sold ‘as is’ without warranty or guarantee of any kind. No warranties are made whatsoever about the amount of money, if any, that Buyer will earn from the use of this digital product or service.

Buyer agrees to accept all risk associated with the use of this product, including but not limited to, ingestion of or application to Buyer’s person, the use of the product personally, all taxes and regulations applicable to this product, all legal compliance issues related to this product. Buyer warrants an understanding that the Seller is disclaiming all liability from harm of any kind or nature caused directly or indirectly from this product.

We do not offer ANY refunds on subscription purchases made on this website. The instant digital delivery and the nature of the products offered, and its instant redemption makes this impossible. By agreeing to this purchase agreement, you fully agree to the refund policy and by completing the purchase and activating your product, you fully agree to the no-refund policy and confirm that the product have been digitally delivered.